What To Look For In A Concrete Pool Builder

Looking For A Great Pool Builder On The Gold Coast?

If you want to install the pool of your dreams, you need to find an efficient pool builder with fabulous credentials. Signs of a reliable pool builder include:

  • Fully qualified and licensed: Always ask your builder whether they have the relevant certifications relevant to aquatic construction.
  • They source high-quality materials: Even the most skilled builders will create subpar pools if they don’t have access to high-quality materials. Make sure your builder sources their materials from reputable suppliers
  • Experience: The longer your pool builder has been working in the industry, the likelier they are to craft something that meets your every need.
  • Customer-focused: Effective pool builders care about their customers and will do everything they can to deliver outstanding results

If you’re unsure where to start looking for a great Gold Coast pool builder, rest assured that Ideal Pools’ amazing team fulfil all of the above credentials.

We’re committed to delivering amazing results no matter what and are always open and honest about our qualifications and best practices.

The Benefits of Building a Concrete Pool

Concrete pools come with a host of irresistible benefits, including:

  • They are supremely versatile in terms of design. Concrete pools can be made bigger and deeper than fibreglass alternatives and can be moulded in a variety of shapes.
  • You can install lighting in concrete pools to create your desired atmosphere. Looking to host a few pool parties? Feel free to install soft lighting for a mysterious or romantic ambience!
  • It is possible to include an array of exciting add-ons to concrete pools including steps, ledges, slides, and more. This is great news if you have kids to entertain.
  • Concrete is supremely durable, meaning your pool will last for a long time.
  • Concrete pools are fantastic for boosting the value of your home – excellent news regardless of whether you’re hoping to sell in the near future.
  • Concrete pools can withstand chemicals or salt, allowing you to keep your pool water as clean and safe as possible.
  • Concrete is relatively easy to repair compared to other types of pool materials, saving you time and money if your pool sustains damage.

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