What Are The Steps Of Building A Pool

Constructing a pool involves a lot of elements. The building inclusions, materials and equipment used all play an important role in creating the pool that’s right for you. So what are the steps you need to take in constructing your pool? Read on to learn more.

Starting The Process

As summer is the peak swimming period, it’s recommended you start the process with the builder during autumn or winter to avoid stress and any compromise on quality. Read up on the process so that you’re aware of any potential obstacles that might come your way, taking into account your budget and particular needs specific to you.

Organising A Site Inspection

Any pool installation will first require a site inspection. Before the inspection, it’s important you:

  • List any questions or points you’d like to raise or any specifics you’d like included
  • Consider aspects such as location, mains services, government regulations, budgets, landscaping, practicality and functionality

A pool inspection usually takes one to two days.

Design Approval Process

The approval process is necessary for every new pool in NSW and involves several steps:

  • A contract will be put in place and a deposit is required to begin work with an engineer to gain a Construction Certificate
  • Obtaining a Development Application (DA) or complying with development approval

This process might take several weeks. We recommend you have any building or site plans available to help with this process.

Pool Excavation

Pool excavation then takes place. It can take several days and involves:

  • A surveyor marking out the boundaries
  • The excavator cutting and digging the pool – this might take longer if there’s unstable, rocky, or sandy ground

Steel Fixing And Pre-plumbing

The perimeter of your pool will be marked out, to help with the next stage of building. This process takes a couple of days and involves:

  • Fitting a steel cage around the markers, for concrete to be sprayed over it
  • Connecting any necessary lines, pipes, lighting and skimmer to the shell
  • Capping the pipes to make sure nothing enters them during the construction

Pouring Pool Concrete

In the next stage of the pool construction process, shotcrete – a combination of sand, rock and cement – will be applied to the frame. This stage can take up to a week and includes:

  • Applying the shotcrete to the frame
  • Lightly spraying the entire pool surface 2-3 times a day for approximately 5 days, to keep the concrete moist and allow even drying

Pool Interior Finish

This stage usually takes 3-5 days and includes:

  • Cleaning the concrete of any debris or sharp areas
  • Sealing pipes, fittings or drains
  • Applying pebbles or beads over an adhesive to the concrete, before washing the surface
  • Acid-washing the surface once it’s dry

Pool Tiles

This stage usually takes up to five days and includes laying tiles over the shell, on top of a screeted foundation.

Plumbing and pool equipment

At the end of the pool installation process, this stage includes:

  • Pressure testing all plumbing lines
  • Installing all necessary and specialised equipment
  • Installing a pool cleaner

Pool Handover And Maintenance

The final stage of the process involves:

  • All equipment being commissioned by a technician, who will show you how to use it and how to maintain your pool
  • Brushing and vacuuming your pool walls regularly over the next 6 weeks to clean debris
  • Monitoring water balance and correcting any issues

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