Things to Consider When Designing Your Dream Pool

For thousands of homeowners, a concrete pool completes a property.

It mixes fun and relaxation with a feature which often adds value to a property.

With modern materials and practices, there is more choice in pool design today than ever before.

With some careful planning, you should be able to create your dream pool within budget.

As experts in concrete pools, our Gold Coast pool builders know what to bear in mind.

Ground Rules

If you’re thinking of having a pool installed, there are things to take into consideration first.

The pool design process should be a lot of fun, but there are also some serious decisions to be made.

Firstly, you need to check out your local zoning laws and pool regulations. This will tell you what you can expect when the process is finished.

Some suburbs or regions have specific restrictions on pool size, for instance.

Once you know what you are entitled to install, it’s best to talk to a pool designer and installer.

They will take you through the range of pool designs available, and their associated costs.

There is a choice of materials for pool manufacture, including fibreglass or concrete. Each of these materials has their own pros and cons, so this is the next important step to take in your design process. We specialise in concrete pool builds.

An expert pool installer will advise you what’s best for your property and needs.

Of course, this will be informed by another vital consideration; the cost. Fibreglass pools are quite a bit cheaper than those made from concrete, for example.

Building in the cost will help you decide on the size and overall design of your pool.

Expert help at an early stage is vital for this.

Fine Details

The types of concrete pool designs Gold Coast homeowners and business go for often depends on who’s going to use them.

There are a number of popular designs, such as curvy kidney-shaped pools, round spas or classic Roman rectangular forms.

The curvier designs are often chosen by people with young families.

Some homeowners, however, may choose something more formal and modern to suit the design of their home.

Landscaping is a vital part of pool design.

This not only finishes off the look of your pool, but it also covers all the working parts.

The space landscaping takes up will determine where in your yard or garden your pool will fit.

Popular poolside finishes are light coloured stone slabs, with grass and shrubbery at the outside.

Pools in at Gold Coast homes also have to be child-proof.

Regulations on this are very strict, so make sure to check with your designer what’s available, and at what cost.

Poolside rails can actually help make the whole design come together.

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