The Ultimate Swimming Pool Checklist

Are you considering having a concrete swimming pool installed on the Gold Coast? If you are new to the world of swimming pool construction, then you may need some advice from concrete pool builders on the Gold Coast regarding your requirements. To make sure that you are prepared to take your first steps in your swimming pool purchase, Ideal Pools is here to help you create a checklist of everything you need to know. 

Clear it all with the law

When you are planning on building a swimming pool in your yard, you should know that you will have to abide by the regulations of the Queensland Government. This includes having a plan for a suitable fence around your swimming pool. Make sure that you read all of the rules before you make your plan. 

Other restrictions

Home builders may still have some say on what you do in your yard, and this might include things such as utility pipes and cables. Finding out where these are before you create your pool design allows you to accommodate them on your plan, rather than be forced into last minute changes. Ideal Pools can help you to straighten these matters out. 

The size and shape

What space do you have in your yard? When you are designing a pool it is important to make sure that you leave plenty of space around the sides. You will need to be able to walk around the entire pool safely and without discomfort, and you will also have to include a pool fence at the edge. Bear this in mind when you are making your plan. 

Other pool-side features

In addition to the fence, you will also want to fit your pool into the amenities in your yard. This might mean that you would like to lay a patio, maybe with steps down to the pool. You could also install lighting areas, a barbecue or fire pit, or even an outdoor living space. All of these features will affect the final size and position of your pool.

Discuss your needs with us

If you want to make sure that you get the best pool possible from the space available, then you need to speak to the top concrete pool builders on the Gold Coast. Ideal Pools are here to carry your idea from initial design to finished product, so talk to us today about your needs by completing our online form, or calling the team on 1300 792 369 now. 

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