Freeform Pools

A freeform swimming pool is designed in a naturalistic or irregular style and shape, with curves or flowing lines.

Our freeform pools look great with rock and waterfall features that are designed to resemble a natural pond, lake or oasis.

Want more flexibility in your design?  Then a freeform pool is for you.

Formal Pools

Formal pools are designed to be square or rectangular (no curves), with a formal entry in the middle or on the end of the pool.

Caves and Waterslides

When special features are essential in a swimming pool, look to Ideal Pools. We are expert in creating rock waterfalls, artificial rock caves and other artificial stone features, providing you with the look of natural stone at far less the expense.

The addition of a water feature adds the sparkle of lively energy to your pool and at the same time introduces the gentle music of moving water to your backyard that masks traffic noise and other neighbourhood sounds, transforming your backyard into an ultra private oasis.

Resort Style Pools

Just as you find Ideal Pools’ private swimming pools dotted throughout Queensland, you’ll find our resort style pools dotting the landscapes of some of the best resorts throughout the Pacific.

A resort style pool from Ideal Pools is the ideal way to distinctly identify your property whether you’re a resort owner or a home owner that desires superior quality in a swimming pool.

At Ideal Pools, we make acquiring a resort style pool easy. You bring us your plans and we work closely with you and your architectural drawings to ensure that your swimming pool is constructed to your exact specifications.

Family Fun Pools

Retaining Walls

We have extensive experience in building concrete retaining walls to suit your vision for your home and lifestyle.