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Our Concrete Pool Installation Process

At Ideal Pools, our team have installed over 7000 pools across the Gold Coast. Specialising in concrete pool installation, we take care of everything from start to finish.

Able to provide a wide variety of concrete pool installation options Gold Coast customers value, we pride ourselves on a winning combination of great results and impeccable customer care.

From excavation to concrete spraying and applying the finishing touches, our team always deliver outstanding workmanship and fast turnaround times. We can even help you organise pool fencing installation too.

To bring your pool dream to life, get in touch with us at Ideal Pools for professional and trusted concrete pool installation on the Gold Coast. Request a quote online or call us at  1300 792 369.


The initial stage of the pool installation process involves preparing the site, ready for the pool to be put in place. We will already have decided with you what type of pool you want, and how big it’s going to be. We will also have agreed on the pool’s location.

In the first instance, our team manually clears away anything that can be easily moved from the site, leaving it clear for the excavator and earthmover to get to work. The first stage of earthmoving involves clearing away the top layer of soil and levelling the underlying surface.

Once we have a flat surface to work with, we carefully measure out the dimensions of the pool and mark out the pool boundaries. This is the time when precision really matters – as the saying goes, “measure twice, cut once”!

We use heavy-duty plant to swiftly excavate the hole where the pool will sit, removing and disposing of the soil, stone and debris as we work. Our team regularly check the depth of the excavation to ensure it’s exactly right for the pool you’ve chosen.

Concrete Spray

Once the excavation has been completed to our satisfaction, accurately reflecting the shape and dimensions of your chosen pool, it’s time to spray the inside with a thick layer of concrete.

We use protective barriers during the spray process, ensuring the concrete stays inside the pool and your yard remains in pristine condition.

During the spray process, we continuously smooth and shape the concrete. The end result is a durable, weatherproof pool interior that’s built to last.

Pebble/acid wash

A concrete pool isn’t just highly functional. It’s also an installation that can be treated so that it looks amazing. This stage of the pool installation process includes all the added details necessary to create a stunning backyard pool feature.

A topcoat of concrete and pebbles (pebblecrete) is applied to the concrete inner. Different coloured pebble chips give a variety of different pool looks – if you tell us the colour you’re looking for when it comes to your pool’s interior, we’ll usually find a way to provide it for you.

At this stage, we also install additional features such as bollards, slides, and anything else you want for your pool.

We Install A Huge Variety Of Pools

As you can see from our videos, we’re able to create both domestic and commercial pools of all shapes and sizes. Design is limited only by your imagination!

No matter how ambitious your pool project might be, Ideal Pools has the expertise and equipment to make it happen.

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