Pool Construction Gold Coast

Let Us Take Care Of Your Pool Construction

Once your contract lands in our office, we begin the task of preparing your pool for submission to council.

Once we have received all approvals, a ‘dig date’ is determined.

Pool Construction Stages

Our Pool Building Process

From start to finish, our expert Gold Coast pool builders will handle your pool construction process so you can sit back and relax.

Stage 1: Excavation

On the morning of excavation, your pool will be marked out according to the diagram in your contract.  This is a spray-painted outline of your pool, which we encourage you to be onsite for in case you wish to make any changes.

Stage 2: Structural Shell

This is usually done 1-2 days after excavation.  Our spray team will arrive on site and complete the necessary pipe/steel and form work before commencing spraying.  Your filtration equipment will also be installed during this process.

Stage 3: Coping

This is your cap for the edge of the pool. Besides being necessary, the coping can provide a decorative accent, which can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your pool. If you are in the pool grabbing on to the top edge, that’s the coping you are grabbing on to.

Stage 4: Fencing

We cannot go any further with your pool’s progress until your fencing is in – you are able to get temporary pool fencing provided it meets legislation requirements, or you can simply have your permanent pool fence certified.

Stage 5: Pebblecrete

The pebblecrete process generally takes 2 days.

Day 1 – pebblecrete is applied

Day 2 – acid wash is applied

The light is fitted after this has been completed, and our team will secure your hose in the pool and commence filling it with water.  After the water reaches halfway through the skimmer box, simply turn the hose off and contact the office, who will then arrange for the plumber to come back and switch on your filtration.

Stage 6: Handover

Our representative will contact you to make a time when you will be home so they can give you a full demonstration on how to operate all of your equipment so you get the most out of your pool.

What’s next?

Many enjoyable times and memories in your new pool.

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