The 10 Must-Have Accessories For Your New Concrete Pool

Getting a brand new pool is an exciting time. You’ve got endless years of fun in the water ahead of you and a lot of great memories to make. Now that you’re the proud owner of a new concrete pool, you also need to make sure you have all the necessary accessories to ensure that your pool stays in great condition well into the future. But, with so many pool accessories to choose from, how do you know which to buy? Take a look here at our top 10 must-have accessories for your new concrete pool.

Top 10 accessories that you need for a concrete pool:

1. Pool filter

A pool filter is essential to ensure that your pool stays clean, healthy and safe to swim in. Your pool filter will help to catch any floating debris and remove it from the water, creating inviting, crystal clear water.

2. Automatic robot vacuum

A robot vacuum is another way to ensure that your pool stays clean and free of debris and is a fantastic way to take the hard work out of maintaining your pool.

3. Test strips

Test strips are a foolproof way to tell you if your pool needs a little extra TLC. They’re a great way to tell if your pool needs any extra chemicals to keep it clean, hygienic and bacteria-free.

4. Heater

If you live in a cooler region or you want to be able to use your pool throughout the year, investing in a pool heater is a must.

5. Bluetooth speaker

For those of you planning to spend hours in the pool throughout the warmer months, there’s nothing like having some music to accompany your fun in the water and sun. Consider investing in a Bluetooth speaker for your outside pool area.

6. Pool cover

A pool cover is an essential accessory for your new concrete pool. You would be surprised at how much debris and insects can get into your pool when you’re not using it. Rather than having to clean your pool every time you want to use it, keep it covered with a specialised cover and save yourself time, effort and wasted water.

7. Pool lights

Pool lights are a fantastic way to create ambience in your new pool as well as make it safe to swim in on those hot summer nights. Different lights can change the entire look and feel of your new pool, so have some fun with your choices.

8. Manual vacuum

A manual vacuum is a great tool to have handy. It provides you with an easy way to reach into those tight corners and across the pool if you need to do a bit of spot cleaning.

9. Safety latches and alarms

Being the owner of a concrete pool at your home means that you are also responsible for safety in and around the pool. Ensure that your pool is safely blocked off with a fence and safety gate so that children and animals cannot wander into the area unsupervised.

10. Skimmer

A skimmer is a flat net attached to a long pool and is a tool that’s worth investing in. It’s another way of removing unwanted debris out of your pool and bringing in any floating toys so that you don’t have to get wet.


Figuring out which accessories to buy for your new concrete pool doesn’t have to be hard. With a bit of careful planning and effort, you can invest in some fantastic accessories that will help keep your pool clean and beautiful through the years to come.

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