How Long Does A Concrete Pool Last?

Concrete pools are a common go-to when looking for an in-ground pool. Not only can they be custom-made to ensure you get your dream pool, but it can also maximise the garden area or indoor space.

Why install a concrete pool?

  • Concrete pool construction tends to be more expensive, but the increased costs come from the custom nature of concrete pools – the specific shape, requirements, and size all contribute to the cost itself. This gives the design a personal and timeless touch.
  • They’re incredibly durable since the pool uses a concrete structure. If the surface of the pool does begin to show signs of wear and tear, you can reapply a new surface which will make the concrete pool look as good as new.
  • You can choose whatever size or shape your heart desires.
  • You can add steps and ledges to customise your pool.

The lifespan of a concrete pool

On average, a concrete pool has a lifespan of around 50 years (or more). But there is a condition: the concrete pool needs to be properly maintained. If not, the lifespan of the pool will reduce significantly.

The reason?

Concrete is packed with microscopic pores. This can hold algae and bacteria that, over the long term, will impact the quality of the water inside the concrete pool. Slathering strong chemicals over the concrete or plaster can also damage the pool. And, of course, let’s not forget cracking. Put simply, a concrete pool can last decades in excellent condition should it be properly maintained.

How to maintain a concrete pool?

  • Brush the pool: In the same way that we brush our teeth to get rid of bacteria, it’s important to brush a pool to remove algae and bacteria that may have built upon the concrete’s porous surface. Once you’ve brushed the concrete pool, we suggest that you wait a few minutes, then pick up all the gathered dirt at the bottom of the pool using a pool vacuum.
  • Acid washing: If you do not clean your concrete pool on a frequent basis, it will become covered with algae. Once this happens, it’s susceptible to staining. Acid washing is a brilliant way to burn the outer layer of the concrete or plaster to uncover a fresh layer underneath. It’s best to leave acid washing to the professionals as it involves very harsh chemicals. You’ll be pleased to know that at Ideal Pools, we offer safe acid washing services for those of you on the Gold Coast.
  • Seal cracks: Since concrete is rigid, it could crack. Not to worry though if you’re noticing a crack or two in your concrete pool. The sooner you treat a crack, the better. We recommend getting the crack sealed to avoid larger repairs.

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