Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does Council / Certification take?

    The normal length of time is about 5-10 days in Queensland, but this can depend on the area in which you live and if you have easement or building envelopes on your property which will take a bit longer to get approvals.  Other States (NSW) can be a more lengthy time.

  • How long does each build-stage take?

    Each stage we allow 1-2 days but in difficult builds (such as we hit rock, tree stumps) it can be extended to 1-4 days.

  • Can I have a temporary fence?

    Most builds we can provide a temporary fence and have it approved so that the build moves more quickly, but in some circumstances this can be difficult.

  • What happens if I can’t do my fence in the time allocated?

    If your fence is not erected and approved within the time frame allowed this will cause a delay in your build time - you will lose your slot for your pebble interior and will have to wait until you can be given a new slot.  As you expect, summer is a busy time and sometimes the wait can be very lengthy.

  • When do I get my electrician?

    After the pool has been excavated the concrete crew will come in and set up for the concrete spray - it is at this stage we place the earth wire, light and filtration which is when we recommend your electrician come in.

  • I’ve never had a pool before.  Will someone show us how to work the equipment?

    Yes!  At the final stage we have a 'Handover' where one of our specialised staff will meet you onsite and give you a full demonstration on how to operate all of your equipment so you get the most out of your pool.  We can also call out to your home or help over the phone with any questions.

  • How do I look after my artificial rocks?

    Our rocks and exotic stone coping and retaining walls do need to be sealed.  We strongly recommend re-doing this every 6-12 months to maintain the natural rock look.