How much does it cost to Pebblecrete a pool?

Pebblecrete is a great material to use when you’re creating a surround for your new pool or replacing an old one. It’s tough, hard-wearing, it looks great and it provides great traction, meaning it’s difficult to slip on. It’s becoming the first choice of many people throughout Australia, but how much should you pay for your new Pebblecrete surface? The answer is not entirely straightforward, because it depends on a number of factors from the size of the area you need to be surfaced, as well as a few other factors. Let’s take a look at a rough estimate to help you get started.

How level is your terrain?

As with anything that you buy, the cost of the product increases as the job becomes more complex. While a Pebblecrete surface on flat terrain can cost anything between $85 and $150 per square meter depending on your local market, you can expect to pay more if your area slopes. Depending on the degree of the slope you’re dealing with, this can add an extra $100 to $200 to your price, or even more if you’ve got an uneven surface caused by unusual landscaping around your pool. As always, getting several quotes can help you narrow down your choices.

Optional extras

Pebblecrete has been one of Australia’s favourite pool surface choices since the 1960s, but technology has come a long way since then, and there is a lot more choice available. Depending on the type of finish you want, there are a lot of options to choose from, including various grades of Pebblecrete that affect your experience but also the cost. Coarser Pebblecrete with larger pebbles mixed in is cheaper and makes for a more striking pattern, but can also be trickier to clean and harder to walk on. On the other hand, finer pebbles offer a smoother surface but at a higher price. There are also a number of colour options to choose from, allowing you to have a Pebblecrete surface mixed exactly to the colour you want.

Pavers vs poured

Pebblecrete comes in a couple of forms: paving slabs that you can lay yourself and professionally poured Pebblecrete. Pavers are much cheaper, but it’s taxing and time-consuming to lay them, and any cracks and imperfections can lead to weeds and algae growing through. On the other hand, while professional help is more expensive, you get a smooth and clean unbroken surface that’s much easier to take care of and kinder on your feet.

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