Concrete Vs Fibreglass Pools

freeform concrete pool installed for a home on the Gold Coast

How To Choose Between Concrete & Fibreglass Pools

Pool sales are in the rise thanks to COVID-19 and lockdown measures means we have seen more people wanting to make their backyards an oasis than any other time in recent history. 

Now that you’ve decided you want a pool the big question is what type of pool?

Reports worldwide are showing pool sale increases. The USA are seeing rises of over 1,500 per cent increase in sales from the same time last year.

Europe is also experiencing massive sales in pools and pool equipment becoming out of stock due to the demand. The world’s largest swimming pool equipment maker, Fluidra, has claimed they ran out of stock and production capacity for their pools and equipment back in May.

The swimming pool boom shows how Covid-19 has altered consumer habits in favour of stay-at-home businesses and home renovations. For some people, this means they would rather stay at home in their own pool rather than be at public pools or beaches.

While the demand is high for inground pools, the decision on whether to go with a fibreglass or concrete pool on the Gold Coast is a big decision.

Our expert pool builders on the Gold Coast break down the reasons for both so you can make the most informed decision about what type of pool you need.

Overall Pool Building Cost

Fibreglass is a generally cheaper option than concrete because of the ease of installation. However, the price can vary considerably between a quality fibreglass pool installed by a reputable pool builder versus a custom concrete pool.

The price of an average fibreglass pool can cost $35,000 – $85,000, which includes the pool shell, delivery, a crane to lift it in place and labour and approvals. Costs will go higher with additions and landscaping.

In comparison, concrete pool construction can cost between $40,000 and $100,000. However, with a concrete pool, you’re getting a unique and customised design, larger size, more features and longer lifespan.

Pool Installation

Most fibreglass pools can be installed quickly and sometimes within a week whereas a concrete pool can take upwards of three months to construct.

It can be a much quicker job to install a fibreglass pool; however, the industry sees countless jobs every year installed too quickly and incorrectly which can lead to higher costs to fix down the track for the pool owner.

While it’s much quicker to install a fibreglass option, you also won’t get as much control and choices in design.

A concrete pool will allow you to have your pool designed with many different options like a feature wall, stone finishes, waterfalls and spas. Other features can include infinity edge styles and long lap pools or pools that curve around the house for the wow factor.

Styles & Finishes

The interior finish of a fibreglass pool is coated with a gel coat that’s smooth and resistant to scratches, UV and treated water.

It will fade over time but likely to last 10-15 years but can be recoated. Concrete pools can feature a variety of different interior options including pebblecrete, ‘jewels 4 pools’, tiled or painted surface, which are all low maintenance and expected to last 15-30 years of life.

The benefit of a concrete pool is that you can have unique finishes and colours which can be changed with trends over the years. 

Traditionally pools were painted blue, but current trends are opting for shades of white, and shades of slate grey to reflect colours of the home and give the water a completely different colour.


For both a fibreglass pool or a concrete pool, you can expect to get more life if the pool is maintained over its lifespan.

For a fibreglass pool, it would be 15-20 years, and for a concrete pool, it can last 40+ years without any form of resurfacing.

Talk To Our Expert Pool Builders

When it comes to concrete vs fibreglass pools, deciding on which type of pool you end up going with, you’ll need to factor in all the pros and cons for your home.

While a fibreglass pool will be the cheaper and a quicker installation option, having a concrete pool will not only last longer but give you a custom design, quality control and higher value to your home that you couldn’t get with a fibreglass pool.

Adding a pool to your home is a valuable investment and if done correctly, will bring you and your family enjoyment for many years. Also, consider the costs of adding safety regulated pool fences and landscaping requirements in your budget.

Buying a pool is a significant consideration, research widely and spend what you feel comfortable spending – it will be a great investment if done correctly.

Contact us today so we can help you with deciding on the best possible pool for your home and lifestyle. Get in touch with us online or call us today on 1300 792 369.