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Locally Owned & Operated Pool Builders With Over 30 Years’ Experience

At Ideal Pools, our family-owned and operated pool company has been designing, building and installing pools on the Gold Coast since the late 1980s.

By choosing Ideal Pools, you will benefit from our decades’ worth of experience in the pool building industry. We are one of the most versatile pool companies on the Gold Coast, offering personalised services that cater to customers’ requirements.

Before starting a project, we work closely with customers to ensure we can meet our clients’ expectations. We also offer flexible construction arrangements, working around customers’ schedules to ensure our building services are minimally disruptive

From small freeform pools to large resort-style pool installations, our experienced Gold Coast pool builders can help transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis.

We pride ourselves on our standards and attentiveness and we are dedicated to designing a pool that will bring you enjoyment for years to come.

We attend many overseas conventions, such as the World Of Concrete (WOC), and always getting educated and updating our techniques to bring best possible outcome to our customers.
Our team keeps to the highest standard and has graduated from WOC seminars involving batching and the foundations of cement and concrete.

Ideal Pools Offer Quality At An Affordable Price!

Create your own Oasis

Ideal Pools is a leading Swimming Pool Contractor servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Northern NSW regions.

We are a family owned and operated business that has been helping our customers for over 30 years.

Ideal Pools specialises in the design, build & installation of pools, artificial rocks, caves, waterfalls, water parks and tropical lagoons.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to contracting and specialise in a wide range of services. Since we started out in the 1980’s we have been committed to meeting our clients’ needs and satisfaction.

Why Use Custom Pool Builders?

Installing a pool is no small job. But our team of professional and talented pool builders make the process seamless. Our pool company ensures that every aspect of your new concrete pool is designed to suit your home and family.

As custom concrete pool builders on the Gold Coast, we work with you to design and construct a pool that fits your space and matches the style of your existing yard.

A custom pool can trace the lines and paths of your yard, adding flow to your outdoor space and complementing other outdoor features. Your custom pool will also be, quite literally, unique: and there’s no better talking point than that.

Our family pools are great for families with young children, and also make a great space for hosting children’s pool parties. While our freeform pools are designed to look natural and can be built in any shape and size, with unusual rocky outcrops and free-flowing curves. 

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What Our Clients Say

“Thanks to the Ideal team I now have a pool that I was told by everyone else it couldn’t be done.  You have made my home complete and such a great team to work with, couldn’t be happier.”

“We are so amazed with our pool thanks to all the staff what a pleasure it has been to work with all the crew you have made it such an easy process and a pleasure to build with you!!!!!”

“So glad we decided to build our pool with ideal pools. The kids couldn’t wait to get in. We love our little oasis which was ready for summer. All my questions and concerns were dealt with immediately by Janet and her team. Would recommend to anyone and my cousin has already built with them also and had a very positive experience.”

Pool construction

Sit back and relax as Ideal Pools take care of your pool construction from start to finish. We will assist you in achieving planning permission for your pool, ensuring your new construction is entirely compliant with Gold Coast regulations.

Our pool construction process follows 6 steps, with care and attention given to each to ensure a professional result. We will begin by excavating the land for your pool in accordance with your contract, before proceeding to install the structural shell of your new pool. We will then cap the edge of your pool with high-quality coping, designed to enhance the aesthetics of your poolside area.

Pool installation

During the pool installation process, the Ideal Pools team utilise high-quality materials and professional techniques to bring your vision to life. When installing the structural shell of your pool, we apply a protective weatherproof barrier to enhance its durability and ensure it stays in perfect condition.

We will consult with you when laying pebblecrete as to the colour and style that you want for your pool, as well as provide the option to install additional features such as slides, table areas and bollards. At Ideal Pools, we have the experience and expertise to install a range of pool types, from free form pools to those featuring caves and waterslides.

Pool restorations

Is your pool looking tired and worse for wear? Then it’s time for an upgrade. Ideal Pools’ pool restoration service can breathe new life into your old or disused swimming pool.

Whether it’s stained surfaces, cracks in your pool’s structure or an outdated design, the Ideal Pools team will restore your pool according to your requirements. We offer cost-effective pool resurfacing, alongside the restoration of both concrete and vinyl pool structures. Simply talk to our team to provide your pool with a new lease of life.



How much does it cost to build a pool on the Gold Coast?

A concrete pool can cost between $30,000 to $80,000 depending on the size and options you go for. If you’re considering enhancing your Gold Coast lifestyle at home with a pool that will add value to your home and give your family years of enjoyment, speak to the team at Ideal Pools about your budget.


How long does it take to build a concrete pool?

The team at Ideal Pools has constructed more than 7,000 pools. Our refined process and skilled team mean that our building work is efficient and the construction of your pool will run smoothly. Generally, our process requires 12 days, however, variables such as the weather or unforeseen issues uncovered during excavation may mean the process takes up to 24 days.


What are the steps of the pool construction process?

Ideal Pools works with a six-step process for pool construction. Once you have worked with our team to determine what your dream pool looks like, the process will start with excavation, where the area is marked out and excavated. Next, we form the structural shell where the pipe/steel and formwork are completed and the concrete is sprayed. At this stage, your filtration equipment is also installed.

Once the structural shell is complete, coping commences where the important cap for the edge is installed. This is not only necessary but also adds a decorative accent that enhances the visual appeal of your pool. Following this, a fence is installed. Either a permanent certified fence or a temporary fence is required before the process can advance any further.

After the fence is installed, the Pebblecrete is applied and at this stage, lights are fitted, hoses are secured and the pool is filled. We then complete the process with a handover, including a full demonstration to ensure you have the confidence to operate your pool equipment and maintain your pool for the years ahead.


Do I need council certification to install a pool on my property?

In Australia, it is a legal requirement to receive council certification before installing a pool on your property. We will work to the dimensions outlined on your council contract when installing your pool, ensuring your structure is a council registered and you aren’t at risk of a hefty fine.


Is it a legal requirement to install a fence around my pool?

Pool owners across Australia are legally required to comply with health and safety legislation regarding both private and public pools. You will be required to install a fence around your pool, and our team will be unable to fill your structure with water until this has been carried out. Your pool must be enclosed by a barrier of at least 1.2m in height, as well as adhere to a host of other legal requirements. Ideal Pools can talk you through the relevant fencing requirements when planning your new pool.


How often should I clean my pool?

Failing to care for your pool can result in bacteria forming on the surfaces and within the water, risking both your health and the condition of your pool. When using your pool regularly, we recommend conducting a detailed clean at least once per week. This prevents contamination of the water and keeps your pool’s structure in excellent condition. We also recommend using a cover when not using your pool to prevent debris from collecting in the water and clogging your filter.


If you want to learn more, click to view our step-by-step pool construction process.

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